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  Extended the Warehouse (Land Area: 4298㎡ / 46258ft², Floor Space: 1653㎡ / 17792ft²)
  Opened the Washing Factory in Yeonchun, Gyunggi Province (Land Area: 4959㎡ / 53375ft², Floor Space: 1785㎡ / 19215ft²)
  Awarded the Exemplary Taxpayer by National Tax Service
  Awarded 2007 Best Small Business Company – Apparel by Seoul Financial Times
  Awarded Best Partner by Guess Holding Korea
  Started Investing in and Managing Washing Business
  Entered into a Sales Contract with Samsung Cheil Industries
  Acquired Certification of Innovative Small Business by Seoul Small and Medium Business Administration
  Certified R&D Department by Korea Industrial Technology Promotion Agency
  Contracted an Agreement to Supply Finished Goods with Guess Holding Korea
  Contracted Export Deals with Guess Asia Limited
  Contracted an Agreement to Supply Finished Goods with Levi Strauss Korea
  Completed the Warehouse
  Moved into the Current Corporate Building
  Purchase the Corporate Building (Total 6 Floors, 1792㎡ / 19286ft²)
  Certified ISO 9001
  Registered as a Corporation (Doojin Corporation)
  Contracted a Long-Term Agreement with Doosan (Guess and Polo Ralph Lauren) to Supply Finished Goods
  Established the Company, Doojin Yanghang